Make up  George Marascas

*Photo by George Marascas


While walking around Athens with my good friend George, we ended up turning the walk into a full-on make up shoot, for the whole day!

Wearing Celia D. kimono,t-shirt American Vintage,levi’s shorts,Chanel boy bag,sunglasses JP by John Pan,necklace Urban outfitters.

A few quick steps: 


At first in order to clean the face we use cleansing & make up removing wipes from Korres ‘Pomegrante Granade” and then we follow-up with ‘Arcaya Hyaluron Ampoules” from ‘neonbeauty’ for dry skin.


Step 1: We start by applying the fantastic /cellular concealing by La prairie around the eyes. 
Step 2: We choose to a foundation that matches our skin tone from the Shiseido palette. Remember to apply first to the regions of your face where the skin is most “oily”. This way we manage to keep our skin better moisturized. 
Step 3: We apply the Bronzing powder from Mac cosmetics! Using our brush, we start applying the powder starting from the lower part of our face towards the upper part. Following that, with a smaller brush we apply the powder underneath the eyes and above the eyelashes, in order to better emphasize the eyes. 
Step 4: We apply the Dior addict IT-LASH and a black pencil in the eyes for a very chic result! 
Step 5: We finally moisturize our lips using collagen active red lip-gloss / Dior Addict Lip Maximizer! Red kips -hot lips! 

Thank u George!
It is always a pleasure working with you! You pamper me so! Felt great! So, what’s next?

Big Kiss to all of you