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Lace kimono Celia D. available here // leather shorts zara //Dress Balmain available @ Enny Monaco //shoes Aperlai // sunnies spitfire.


This week was extremely full of ”thinks to do” and little time to do it, especially when you have kids. I need to catch up during the Easter break. The good news is  that this project is going very well until now and I have to say I am very happy and I thank you all so much. I am in the begging of this interesting trip in the land of fashion and beauty and I plan to enjoy every moment of it.
Now on today’s look!! The lace kimono is smashing!! The way I am wearing it  today I feel like I am ready to go at a fashion show or out for partying. I feel sexy and beautiful. Friday night is approaching and I am very excited. Ready to go..
How about you?Are you in a good mood?
Enjoy your weekend and see you soon!